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Besse: Water, Rye, Hops – mini opera trilogy

Besse @Digbrew on 26th July 2019. Photo Credit: Liam Sheasby.

For information on this show watch this short podcast:

Besse introductiory podcast with Oli, Dani and Rox

Besse is a mini-series of short operas centred about the figure of a female brewer (or brewster) in the XIV century.

Witchcraft and science, tails and tales, and -of course- a lot of beer!

Created by Infinite Opera in collaboration with Digbrew and Grand Union, Besse, for the first time, merges the worlds of opera and beer through the unique vision of a character that champions feminism through fermentation.

We started our research for these operas by creating a special programme of our future series of Infinite Opera Podcasts. You can find it here.

This opera triptych was premiered at Digbrew (River Street, Digbeth, Birmingham) on 8th March 2019, 12th April and 10th May at 8pm.


Performance details:

The success and popularity of these events, and our Besse banquet – complete with stage on the bar – means Besse will return again for a Halloween/PizzaHouse/Besse mash up special event. The brewery will be transformed in to a night of Halloween and Black Death mayhem with full stage and scenery.

As a PizzaHouse pizza tokens will be provided with every drink bought, providing a slice of pizza to help soak up all that wonderful beer!


You can watch Scene 2 from Hops, performed at Digbrew on 01/11/2020 below:
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"Besse may be the first opera to have bespoke beer brewed in its honour." Miranda Heggie @TheCusp

"Loved Infinite Opera's Besse at DigbrewCo! Can't wait for part 2" LiquorTrips

If you are interested to support the development of these operas please send us an email to: