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Since summer 2020 Infinte Opera have been working with Post Workers Theatre to develop a new conscience-raising calendar custom for the age of AI automation. This piece, based on the historic practice of Hoodening, features outstanding costumes by James Frost and Lottie Wood.

The pandemic has set back our full length production until 2021 but here’s a seasonal trailer for our mid-winter protest.

Captain Swing, the fictional face of worker dissent in the great English agricultural uprising of 1830, is resurrected to confront the horrors of working as a seasonal associate in an Amazon fulfilment centre. Will Swing help the workers to overcome Alexis the evil scanner, a symbol of Amazon’s regime of technological discipline? 

Under constant surveillance and the threat of dismissal, pickers and packers in Amazon’s fulfilment centres work to their physical limits to keep up with algorithmically regulated performance targets. They risk their health and continue to struggle for basic employment rights, while Jeff Bezos on the other hand, has seen his personal wealth almost double to over $200 BN dollars during the pandemic.

It really is time to think before you click. 

Film recorded on Zoom, edited by Roxanne Korda & Nick Mortimer with original music by Dani Blanco and Infinite Opera. Based on worker testimonies gathered from online forums and interviews with union reps from GMB.